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ITBELCOM provides all stages of software development – from the collection and analysis of customer requirements to implementation and subsequent maintenance.

What are we doing

Business applications

Development of information systems that solve various business tasks.

WEB applications

WEB applications development, e-commerce applications and WEB services.

Mobile applications

Development of mobile applications on leading platforms.

Database Applications

Design and programming of databases of any size.

Transfer of obsolete software

Transfer of old systems and software complexes to new technologies.

IT outsourcing

Software development according to the specifications of the customer.

A complex approach

Process of development

Software development for each Customer is carried out within the framework of a separate project. A project team is created to implement the project.

Projects include the following steps:

  • Analysis of software requirements;

  • Design;

  • Development (implementation of project solutions);

  • Acceptance of the product;

  • Implementation.


ITBELCOM does not only support software of its own development, but also applications developed by third-party companies.

Maintenance includes the following:

  • Improvement of the product and the development of existing functionality;

  • Software administration, data backup, etc.;

  • Adaptation of the software developed by us for interaction with existing customer software, transfer to a new platform.

Technical support

We offer high-quality and timely technical support of our products, as well as developed by our order software.

Technical support includes:

  • Coordination of all requirements for the performance of work with the customer;
  • Work planning to solve problems;
  • Investigation of the problem in order to identify its causes;
  • Development of ways to solve the problem;
  • Implementation of changes on the customer’s side;
  • Maintenance of the database of customer requests in the current state.