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Solutions for automation of enterprises of various types of activities. Development of programs for both simple accounting and complex software packages aimed at automating business processes of organizations with a large amount of data.

Participant of the securities market

A program designed to obtain information on the status of securities blocked by the NB RB, securing lombard (overnight) loans, and transferring them to their “depot” account. Remote management of the “depot” account opened in the depository of the NB RB.

Workstation provides the following functions:

– the formation of all outgoing electronic messages provided in the document “Guaranteed message delivery system. Formats of electronic messages of the securities market” using a convenient user interface;
– presentation of incoming electronic messages in a user-friendly form;
– format-logical control of incoming and outgoing electronic documents;
– output of documents in the established forms in MS Word and MS Excel (their printing);
– archiving of all received and sent electronic documents.

ERP systems

Complex software packages that cover all areas of enterprise management:

– management of production, sales, accounting, warehouses (both materials and finished products), financial management (production planning, procurement).

The number of workplaces is limited only by the requirement of the enterprise.


A set of programs designed for accounting of ownership rights and movement of securities of the depositary’s clients.

Provides the possibility of maintaining registers of joint-stock companies.

Management of production completion

Provides automation of the production completion process with the required components for complex products.

The program allows you to plan and calculate the needs of components for a period, as well as keep track of movements in the warehouse of finished products and a warehouse of components.

Securities dealing

A set of programs designed to automate transactions with securities. At the same time a close connection with the main accounting system of the organization is maintained.

Transactions can be made with any type of securities.

Greenhouse management

The system provides remote management of the greenhouse.

Allows you to manage a variety of life-support parameters of plants from mobile devices from anywhere in the world (sensors and controllers for controlling pressure, light, carbon dioxide, etc.).

The system allows you to monitor, regulate and set the necessary parameters for plant life.

Sale of real estate objects

The program provides the sale of real estate online.

With its help you can participate in auctions to buy your favorite property and pay for the purchase.

Insurance business

A program designed for the work of insurance companies or agencies with enterprises that provide insurance for their employees.

Formation of insurance takes place individually and depends on the available amount of money and the needs of the employee. There are funds for the work of insurance companies or agencies, employees and the enterprise itself.